Fan Dipole 160/80/60/40/20m

My third fan-dipole will be a more robust antenna than the previous more experimental ones. So therefore ... I will give up some higher bands (10m / 6m).

And, the 160m band must be included... (for many decades the lowest radio frequency band allocated for use by amateur radio)

Main goal is to end up with a fan of resonant dipole antennas on all the included bands.

My garden is to small for full-size 80m and 160m band dipoles, so I had to shorten and or fold (and even combine) some dipoles.

Fan Dipole 80/40/20/15/10/6m

The Fan dipole for 40/20/6m performs well. Now it's time to extend the Fan with more bands.

I want to add dipoles for 80m, 15m and 10m. Making it a resonant antenna for all bands from 80m to 6m (except WARC bands).


Adding more parallel dipoles will make the angle at the centre sharper for some the bands (the lower wires). This will affect the radiation pattern. It also decreases the impedance for those bands.

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