End Fed vs Fan dipole

These antennas can be compared on 20 and 40m. On 20m both antennas are half wave length. On 40m the Fan is half wave dipole, where the End Fed is extended and effectively a quarter wave, so about -3dB less gain.

Compare EndFed to Fan

Both antennas are about 10m above the ground at there feed point. Sloping down to about 5m above ground. Radiation direction is approximately North - South.

  • Fan dipole 15 degreed to West
  • End Fed 30 degrees to West

Receive comparison

In general both antennas give the same signal strength on both bands with the same noise level (within the range of one half S-point). Small differences go both ways.

Sometimes the signal strength is the same, where noise level differs up to 1 S-point. The Fan dipole has the higher noise level mostly, but always.
This difference occurs ... (to figure out)

In rare occasions the receiving signal differs up to 5 S-points. Say up to 30dB. That's a lot !!
And of course smaller differences.
This signal difference occurs to both sides. Sometimes changing within the same QSO !
This difference occurs ... (to figure out)

As you may noticed there isn't a ' winner'. They perform equally. Differences go both ways.
This conclusion confirms what you may expect. Both antenna's are half wave wire antenna's (on 20m). Fed on a different point. End vs. center.

Transmit comparison

To figure out. Needs stations willing to give signal reports on both antennas. Preferably with different TX power.

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