MMDVM Nextion Monitor

What’s Nextion

Nextion is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution combining an onboard processor and memory touch display with Nextion Editor software for HMI GUI project development.

Using the Nextion Editor software, you can quickly develop the HMI GUI by drag-and-drop components (graphics, text, button, slider etc.) and ASCII text based instructions for coding how components interact at display side.

Nextion HMI display connects to peripheral MCU via TTL Serial (5V, TX, RX ,GND) to provide event notifications that peripheral MCU can act on, the peripheral MCU can easily update progress and status back to Nextion display utilizing simple ASCII text based instructions.

Nextion serial interface

This said, the Nextion display is a kind of stand-alone device. The MMDVM Nextion screens are pre-loaded to Nextion display device. Only serial-data is send from MMDVMHost over the TTL interface.

To see what data is send over the interface, I build a simple monitor. 

MMDVM Nextion monitor


How to read

Data, is send on a Mode basis. This means that the same screen-text fields (i.e. t0, t2, ...) are re-used (with another purpose) on a different Mode (= screen).

Try it, and wonder ...

More interface info written by G4KLX (MMDMV) and ON7LDS (NextionDriver):


This project only works on a 3.5inch Enhanced Nextion display !!!

Download section


Nextion HMI/TFT (packed in Zip)

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