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Previous Call signs PA9ROB - PA4R - PE7RH - PE1CHH (origional 1978)
Class F - full licence - cw not included
Licensed since 1978
Name Rob van den Hoff
Location Emmen, Drenthe
Grid Square JO32kt
ITU Zone 27
CQ Zone 14
NL-Id NL-13896
D-Star/DMR CCS7 Id 2048213
Logbooks LoTW,, HamQTH, HrdLog, Clublog
Logger CQRlog
Twitter @PA0ROB
Facebook PAØROB    |    NLX204 Multi Mode Page


Active on bands 80m, 40m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm
Active phone modes SSB, (AM), FM
Active digi modes RTTY, BPSK, FT8, SSTV, WSPR
Active digital voice modes D-Star, DMR, C4FM (YSF / Wires-X)

 DV Reflectors

Overview and schema:

D-Star & DMR Reflector 1) 3) 4) NLX204 (REF204, XRF204, DCS204) - [Dashboard]
BM DMR TalkGroup 2) 4)

TG 20411 - MultiModeX [Last Heard Dashboard]
TG 2045 - Peanut XRF088T [Last Heard Dashboard]

C4FM YSF Reflector 1) 4) NL XLX204X - [Dashboard]
NL TechTalk - [Dashboard]
SharkRF IP Connector 1) MMX411 - [Dashboard]

1) Setup and maintained by PAØROB
2) Initiative of PAØROB
3) DMR local Cross Mode on Module X
4) Multi Mode Cross audio

PA9ROB - RobPA0ROB / PA9ROB has been registered at

Member of

Antenna register

How it started

As PE1CHH back in 1982
As PE1CHH back in 1982

Set in a box - shack in a cube - 2018

  • Shack (mobile ;-)
    Shack in a cabin
Raspi-R Android app for Raspberry Pi

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