PSK reporter

The PSK Automatic Propagation Reporter automatically gathers reception records of PSK activity.

PSKreporter map

PSK reporter has a similarity with WSPR with the difference that PSK reporter shows information about heard PSK transmissions as well as real made QSO's.

Reporting to pskreporter

JTDX can reportreceived stations. Enable this in 'Reporting' settings.

PskReporter settings in JTDX

A program like fldigi has the ability to automatically spot call-signs in decoded text and send a reception report.

PSKreporter fldigi setup

The reporter can be switched on/off by the Spot button on the right/top of the main schreen.

PSKreporter fldigi spot button

PSKreporter site:

Website features

PSKreporter region on 20m
Example: Region


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