Fan Dipole V1 measurements order 6/80/15/40/10/20m

This is the first attempt for the fan dipole.

Measurements (SWR, impedance) after quick tuning of dipole wires to give a first impression. Not all dips on frequencies where I want them to be... 

Order of dipole wires top down

Most Fan Dipoles have a low to high band wire order (top-down). This might be the best solution, but I experimented changing the order. Putting higher frequencies between lower frequencies. Results shown below have this order:

  1. 6m
  2. 80m (wire to short, compensated with 80uH coil in one leg)
  3. 15m
  4. 40m
  5. 10m
  6. 20m

Fan Dipole 80-6m wire order

It looks that 10m between 40m and 20m isn't a good order. As they are harmonics there is to much mutual influence. I will try swapping the 6m and 10m wires.


Fan Dipole 80m-6m 80m SWRFan Dipole 80m-6m 80m SmithFan Dipole 80m-6m 80m Z

Remarks 80m

  • unsuspected low impedance (maybe due to BU-55 3MHz lower limit)


Fan Dipole 80m-6m 40m SWRFan Dipole 80m-6m 40m SmithFan Dipole 80m-6m 40m Z


Fan Dipole 80m-6m 20m SWRFan Dipole 80m-6m 20m SmithFan Dipole 80m-6m 20m Z


Fan Dipole 80m-6m 15m SWRFan Dipole 80m-6m 15m SmithFan Dipole 80m-6m 15m Z


Fan Dipole 80m-6m 10m SWRFan Dipole 80m-6m 10m SmithFan Dipole 80m-6m 10m Z

Remarks 10m

  • unsuspected small bandwidth


Fan Dipole 80m-6m 6m SWRFan Dipole 80m-6m 6m SmithFan Dipole 80m-6m 6m Z

Editors remark

File names: Fan Dipole 80m-6m xxm [SWR|Z|Smith]
LCD2clip to make screenshot (F+6)
Alt+PrtSc and copy to Gimp
FileZilla to ..

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